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Create a custom property for nodes in NPM

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products except for the following products:


Custom properties are user-defined fields, such as country, building, asset tag, or serial number, that you can associate with monitored network objects.

This example shows how to create the Device_Owner custom property and assign it to multiple nodes. You can use this example to create an application owner, business service owner, or server type owner.

For examples of how other SolarWinds users implement custom properties, see this THWACK post.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings, and in the Node & Group Management grouping, click Manage Custom Properties.
  2. Click Add Custom Property.

  3. Select an object type, and click Next.

  4. Provide the required information, and click Next.

  5. Select Restrict Values, add values for the property, and click Next.

  6. Click Select Nodes.

  7. Select the nodes for the custom property, and click Add.

  8. Click Select Nodes.
  9. Specify the value of the custom property, and click Submit.

    To assign other values for the custom property to nodes, click Add More, and repeat steps 6-9.

  10. Repeat steps 1 through 9 to create the Email_Address custom property.
  11. The selected nodes now have a responsible person (Owner) and email address assigned to them. The custom properties can be used for creating alerts and reports.

You can see all custom properties assigned to a node in the Custom Properties for Nodes resource on the Node Details view.

You can also apply custom properties by directly editing the node properties.