Documentation forNetwork Configuration Manager
Managing network configurations is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and is also available in a standalone module, Network Configuration Manager (NCM). Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and NCM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Search network config files or node properties

Use the NCM Advanced Search function to search for a text string within configurations and node properties. Use this functionality to find a specific node or config, or all nodes or configs that share a common characteristic. For example, you can search for all configs that have TACACS security enabled, find an IP address that has been assigned to an interface, or view which configs are managed by a vendor.

Complete the following procedure to search for specific strings of text in the properties of managed nodes or in configuration files stored in the SolarWinds Platform database.

When a config is initially added to the database, a search might not find it for up to 10 minutes.

  1. Open the Search NCM page:

    • If you are using the classic Config Summary dashboard, complete the following steps:

      1. Click My Dashboards > Network Configuration > Config Summary.

      2. Under Search NCM, click Advanced Search.

    • If you are using the new Config Summary dashboard (available in NCM 2022.3 and later), do either of the following:

      • Go to the following URL, where host is the host name or IP address of the server where the SolarWinds Platform main polling engine is installed: 


      • Create a legacy custom dashboard that includes the Search NCM widget. Click Advanced Search in that widget.

  2. In the Search for box, enter the search string.

    Do not include wildcard characters or regular expressions. You can use policy reports to search configs using regular expressions.

  3. Select a search target from the drop-down menu, and then specify which node properties or config files to search:

    All Searches all properties on all nodes, and the specified config files on all nodes
    Nodes Searches the specified properties on all nodes
    Configs from All Nodes Searches the specified configs on all nodes
    Configs from Selected Nodes Searches the specified config files on the selected nodes
  4. Click Search.
  5. To search within the returned results, select Search in Results, type a new string pattern, and click Search again.
  6. Click a link in the search results to open the node or config details view.