Enter a Kiwi Syslog Server license key

After you install Kiwi Syslog Server, you can access all features for 14 days. When the 14-day trial period is over, you must enter a license key to access licensed features.

Purchase a license Scroll to the bottom of the SolarWinds Kiwi Syslog Server page and click Buy Now, or contact your SolarWinds sales representative.
Download your license key from the Customer Portal
  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

    If you do not have a SolarWinds account, see Access the Customer Portal to create an account.

  2. In the License Management menu, select License Management.
  3. Expand Kiwi Syslog Server.
  4. Copy your license key.
Enter your license key

If the server has internet access:

  1. In the Kiwi Syslog Service Manager, select Help > Enter License Details.
  2. Enter the license key, and click Next.
  3. Enter registration information, and click Next.
  4. Restart Kiwi Syslog Server.

If the server does not have internet access, see Manual license activation.