Documentation forSolarWinds Identity Monitor

Data breach notifications in Identity Monitor

Each account configured in Identity Monitor receives alerts of data exposures against the domains or email addresses being monitored, based on their notification preference settings.

The most common notification administrators may periodically receive after activating their profile is an alert that a work (or non-work) email in the watchlist has been found in a data breach.

If you are on the trail period, you will only receive alerts for breach records that have verified email identifiers in the watchlist. You must add a license to the full edition to view breach records for domains.

Taking action after an alert

Based on the severity level and exposure type, remediation advice is provided for each type of breach detected. This advice is available in the portal in the details view of each breach.

System and security administrators can then use these data breach alerts to further investigate potential fraudulent events, monitor on-going account takeover attacks, and enforce NIST strong password compliance to minimize further exposure events.