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DPAIM 2022.3 system requirements

Release date: September 28, 2022

SolarWinds strongly recommends that you install the SolarWinds Platform on a server that is neither public, nor internet-facing. To learn about best practices for configuring your SolarWinds Platform installation securely, see Secure Configuration for the SolarWinds Platform.

Use the DPA Integration Module (DPAIM) to display SolarWinds DPA data in the SolarWinds Platform. DPAIM 2022.3 requires DPA 2022.3 to be installed.

DPAIM 2022.3 can be installed alone or with other SolarWinds Platform products.

  • DPAIM is installed automatically when you install SolarWinds SAM.
  • To install DPAIM 2022.3 without SolarWinds SAM, use the SolarWinds Platform Installer.

SolarWinds does not recommend installing an additional polling engine on the DPA server.

If you are installing DPAIM as a standalone module, you can install it on the same server as DPA. However, if you plan to install DPAIM with other SolarWinds Platform products (such as NPM or SAM), we recommend that you install DPAIM and other SolarWinds Platform products on a different server than the DPA server.

While SolarWinds SAM and SolarWinds DPA can integrate without extra configuration, you can take steps to relate SolarWinds DPA database instances to SolarWinds SAM applications more easily. See Prepare SAM applications for integration for more information.

Port and browser requirements are listed below. For other requirements, see the SolarWinds Platform requirements.

Port requirements

In addition to the port requirements necessary for DPA and any other SolarWinds Platform products, integration requires the following ports.

SolarWinds does not recommend the use of HTTP (Port 80). Please use HTTPS (Port 443) to ensure that any web-related connections are secure.

DPA server

Port Protocol Service/Process Direction Description

443 (cloud) or
8124 (on premises)


Windows: Ignite PI Service

Linux: Java/Tomcat


This is the default port number of your DPA website and jSWIS proxy.

This port must be open to receive data from the SolarWinds Platform server.

SolarWinds Platform server

Port Protocol Service/Process Direction Description
17776 TCP SolarWinds Information Service


This port must be open to access the SolarWinds Information Service (SWIS) API (notifications).
17777 TCP

SolarWinds Information Service

SolarWinds Platform Module Engine


This port must be open for all SolarWinds Platform product traffic.
17774 or 17778 TCP SolarWinds Information Service


This port must be open to access the SolarWinds Information Service (SWIS) API. DPAIM uses this port to receive information from DPA, and must use the same port that DPA uses to send the information. For information about which port to use, see this article.

Browser requirements

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

    Do not use IE compatibility view. It can cause DPAIM to function incorrectly.

  • Mozilla Firefox: latest stable version
  • Google Chrome: latest stable version