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Modify end user machines using Dameware Remote Support

This topic applies to Remote Support.

Dameware Remote Support is ideal for performing Windows administration tasks on computers internal to your network. For example, with Dameware Remote Support you can restart services and processes, edit registries, view and clear events logs, and more. The benefit of using Dameware Remote Support to modify end user machines is that you can perform all functions with the Dameware Remote Support console, instead of initiating RDP sessions with the end user.

While there are many Windows administration tasks you can perform with Dameware Remote Support, this topic provides guidelines on a few of the most commonly used features.

Before you begin:

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Edit the registry

SolarWindsrecommends that you back up the registry before making changes.

  1. Browse the machine, and expand Registry.

    In this example, the machine name is listed under Favorite Machines, and begins with PM.

  2. Double-click 32 bit Registry, or 64 bit Registry.

  3. Make changes to the registry, and save them.

View, remove, start, stop, or install services

  1. Browse the machine, and expand Services.
  2. In the Services tab, right-click a service, and make a selection.

View the shares associated with a machine

Browse the machine, and double-click Shares.

View software versions and updates Browse the machine, and double-click Software.