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Configure timeseries widgets for modern dashboards

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products.

The timeseries widget displays a PerfStack project as a line chart on your new dashboard. You can use them on modern dashboards.

See the THWACK post on modern dashboards for an overview of the feature.

How to configure timeseries widgets

  1. Configure title and other details.
  2. Configure the time to be displayed on the widget (optional).
  3. Select a PerfStack project for the widget.
  4. Save Changes.

Step 1: Configure title and other details

  1. In Presentation, expand Title and description.

  2. Provide the title and subtitle.

  3. If you want to have a link with more details on the widget, provide it in the Widget link URL.

  4. You can also provide a description that might help others to reuse the widget.

Step 2: Configure timeseries metadata

If you want to see a different timespan than the default one, expand Timeseries metadata and customize the time.

Step 3: Select the PerfStack project to display.

  1. Expand Data model and click Edit model.

  2. Select a PerfStack project and click Save.

    The PerfStack project now displays on the dashboard.