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Create and edit Orion Maps

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with Orion Platform 2019.2, you can use the Map Editor to create and customize Orion Maps:

You can add Orion Maps to your views in a widget.

See the Orion Maps 3.0 post on THWACK.

If your user account does not have Node Management rights, you can save maps only as entities without status. You can display such maps in a widget or in the View mode, but you cannot nest maps without status into other maps.

Create an Orion Map from scratch

  1. Click My Dashboards > Orion Maps in the Home section.
  2. In the Map Management page, click New Map. An empty canvas opens. You are now in Edit mode.
  3. Select desired entities in the Entity Library and drag them to the canvas. Any relationships to mapped entities, such as topology connections, manual dependencies, or ADM relations, are automatically displayed.
  4. Filter the list of entities shown from the Entity Type drop-down. Select the filter button to choose from a number of options, such as, Machine Type, Polling Method, or Status. If your desired option is not shown, click the edit pencil to open a dialogue box and type in any relevant property to filter by.
  5. To display more details about the entity, click an entity on the map. The details are displayed in the panel on the right. The panel lists related entities, connected entities, alerts, and recommendations (VMAN) for the selected entity. Selecting an entity also changes the focus of the map.
  6. To identify an entity from the list on the map, click the right arrow next to the entity in the list. The entity becomes selected on the map and the panel displays entities relevant for the selection.
  7. To place an entity, use the Control Key to select individual entities from the list, or use Shift to grab all entities between two selections. Drag the selections to the canvas to place the nodes in staggered grid formation. By click and dragging across the canvas, you can perform a marquee selection of entities.
  8. Adjust the position of entities on the map. You can use the following shortcuts:
  9. Shortcut Explanation
    = Zoom in.
    - Zoom out.
    Ctrl + Mouse wheel up Zoom in.
    Ctrl + Mouse wheel down Zoom out.
    Space bar + Click + Drag Pan the map in the viewport.
    Map Editor Only

    Remove the selected object(s) from the map. Excludes auto-discovered connections.

    Ctrl + S Save the map.
    Ctrl + Shift + S Save the map under a new name.
    Esc Clears object selection.
    Arrows Nudge the selected object.
    Shift + arrows Move the selected object.
    Ctrl + Z Undo previous map modification
    Ctrl + Y Redo previously undone map modification
  10. To preview the map, click More > View. This opens the map in View mode.

    In View mode, you can:

    • Hover over an entity to display the pop-up.
    • Review the list of entities on the map.
    • Click an entity to display the Inspector Panel.

    You cannot add entities from the Inspector Panel. To add entities, you need to switch to the Edit mode.

  11. To save the map, click More > Edit to return to the Edit mode.
  12. Click Save and provide a unique name. The Orion Map is saved. If your user account does not have Node Management rights, the saved map does not have a status and does not appear in the list of entities.

Select multiple entities in Map Editor

The multi-select tool allows you to select, click, and position multiple entities at one time. Use the Control Key to individually pick entities from the entity list, or the Shift Key to grab a group of entities, and drag your selections onto the canvas as a unit.

The click and drag process performs a marquee selection of entities. Once your placement is complete, use the Control key again to select and adjust individual entities when necessary.

Create a new map from an auto-generated Orion Map

  1. Go to the details view of the entity you want to base your map on, and click the Map subview.
  2. Add related or connected entities on the map.
  3. Position the elements as needed.
  4. Click Open Map in Editor in the top right corner. The map opens in the Map Editor.
  5. Complete the map definition, and save the map.

Duplicate and edit an existing Orion Map

If you want to create a map similar to one you have already created, save the map using another name, and adjust your copy of the map.

If you have Administrator privileges, you can also display and edit maps created by other users.

To duplicate and edit an Orion Map:

  1. Click My Dashboards > Home > Orion Maps.
  2. To edit a map created by other users, toggle the All users switch on.
  3. Select the map to adjust, and click Edit.
  4. Click More > Save as.
  5. Provide a name for the copied map and edit as required.

Find related and connected map entities

From Orion Maps, you can view relationship information across a stack of connected entities. Connected entities are any nodes or interfaces that are connected based on NPM's Topology data or SAM's Application Dependency Connections. Related entities are all other nodes, such as volumes or applications, associated with a server.

  1. Locate and add an entity to the map. To the right of the entity is a menu.
  2. Select Show Related Entities. This opens a panel of all related entities.
  3. From the panel, you can search and filter based on entity type. Additionally, you can continue to click new options, and each opens a new panel of connected or related entities.

Manually connect entity objects

Starting with Orion Maps 2019.4, you can connect objects and define custom connections within the map editor.

  1. Click and drag to select two unconnected entities.
  2. Click the entity connection button. This opens the Configure custom topology connection window.
  3. For the first entity, click Configure and select the desired interface to connect to. The panel displays all objects related to that specific entity. You can filter or search for a specific entity.
  4. Click Apply to associate the two objects.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to connect the second entity to an interface.
  6. Click Create.

Add custom images to Map Editor

Starting with Orion Maps 2019.4, you can enhance your maps by adding images outside of the monitored entities in Orion. This allows you to highlight the location of important elements, help users easily interpret a map, or enhance the overall look of your maps, such as adding your company's logo to a map.

From the Map Editor toolbar, select the Insert Images options, and browse to your desired image file.

Images are layered behind entities and connections, and in the order they are added to the map. Images can be selected, moved, and deleted.