Add ipMonitor user accounts

ipMonitor provides a detailed User Account system to control which features individual users can access. Each user account has its own list, read, write, create, delete and attributes settings, which administrators can apply to various features throughout the software. User accounts have permission levels that administrators can assign to different ipMonitor features and interfaces.

You can create administrator, user, and guest accounts in ipMonitor. All users must have an account to access the ipMonitor web interface.

If you need to delete an Administrator account, you must first demote the account to a regular or guest account.

The following table lists the privileges for User and Guest accounts.

Account Type Privileges
  • Can access all ipMonitor features except Credentials
  • Can administrate user accounts
  • Can be promoted to Administrator or demoted to Guest
  • Can view reports in the Reports tab

  • Cannot access the Administrator Interface

  • Cannot change or save their own settings

Add a user or guest account

  1. Log in to ipMonitor as an administrator.
  2. In the toolbar, click Configuration.
  3. In the Configuration screen, click Account List.
  4. In the Account List screen, click Add Account.
  5. Under Identification, select the account type.

  6. Under Permissions, select an access level.

  7. Expand Advanced.
  8. Under Advanced, customize the Guest and Standard accounts, selecting the rights for each user.

    To manage existing user accounts, click Account List in the Configuration screen.

  9. Click OK.