Add ipMonitor administrator accounts

Use the ipMonitor configuration program to create the first administrator account. All account information is stored internally using RSA 512/1024 bit encryption.

The following rules apply to administrator accounts:

  • Administrator Accounts have full access to all ipMonitor features.
  • Administrator accounts cannot be deleted until they are demoted within the ipMonitor Administration web Interface to a general user.
  • At least one administrator account must be present at all times.
  • Administrator accounts cannot be deleted until they are demoted to User accounts.
  • User Accounts have Permission levels that Administrators can assign to different ipMonitor features and interfaces.

To log in to ipMonitor, you must create an administrator account. This account is used to access all ipMonitor features and manage other administrator, user, and guest accounts and credentials.

The configuration program is not used to add or configure monitors, alerts, or actions. You can add or modify these elements in the ipMonitor web interface.

  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds ipMonitor > Configure ipMonitor to open the ipMonitor Configuration Program.

    If you are running ipMonitor on a Windows system, click Start and locate Configure ipMonitor in the Apps section under SolarWinds ipMonitor.

  2. If prompted to launch the ipMonitor service, click Yes to start the service.
  3. Click Add Administrator Account.

  4. In the New ipMonitor Administrator Account box, select an account type.

    Select Windows Account to associate this administrator account with a Windows local machine or domain account, and then enter a user name and domain. Click Browse to enter additional user details.

    Select Standard ipMonitor Account to create an administrator account that is internal to ipMonitor. These accounts are not associated with the Windows local machine or domain accounts.

  5. For standard ipMonitor accounts, enter a user name and password.

  6. Click OK.

Delete an administrator account

  1. Log in to ipMonitor.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Under Configuration, click Account list.
  4. In the Account List screen, click an account.
  5. Demote the account to a Standard or Guest account.
  6. Delete the account.