Windows Scheduled Task Monitor

The Windows Scheduled Task Monitor (WSTM) is a widget that provides quick visual access to the status of scheduled tasks configured on your Windows nodes.

Only tasks from root directory are monitored. The WSTM does not work for tasks from every level of the Task Scheduler Library.

The WSTM consumes five SAM license units per node.

Within the WSTM widget, you can:

  • Hover over any item in the Task Name column to display details about a task.
  • Sort the displayed tasks by clicking the head of each column.

You can use the Edit option to:

  • Change the polling frequency
  • Change the polling timeout period
  • Change credentials
  • Add custom notes

You can also use the Windows Task Monitor in alerting: Alert me when task last run result is non successful


The WSTM includes an alert that can notify you about task execution failures, as well as web-based reports that show all scheduled tasks configured across all monitored servers in your environment. Additionally, there is a dedicated Task Failure Report you can view on-screen or have emailed to you.

This widget is hidden when the WSTM is not being monitored on a node.

Enable the Windows Scheduled Task Monitor

To enable the Windows Scheduled Task Monitor:

You may need to log in with an administrator account to perform this action.

  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > Manage Nodes.
  2. Click [+] Add Node and then select the Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP option and enter the credentials.
  3. Click Next and then select Windows Scheduled Tasks.
  4. Complete the wizard as instructed.

The Windows Schedule Tasks option is:

  • Checked when tasks are already being monitored
  • Unchecked by default when at least one task is found on the target machine
  • Hidden when a task is not found on the target machine

Access the Windows Scheduled Task Monitor

You can access the Windows Scheduled Task Monitor widget via the All Nodes widget.

  1. Click My Dashboards > Home. > All Nodes resource.
  2. In the All Nodes widget on the Orion Summary Home page, expand the Windows tree by clicking Windows, and then click a Windows node to access its Node Details page.
  3. On the Node Details page, find the Windows Scheduled Task widget, as shown here:

When monitored, the Windows Schedule Task Monitor widget is only on the Node Details view of the monitored server.

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