Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand User Device Tracker

Device Tracker Access Point Details

The Device Tracker Access Point Details page opens when you click a specific access point in the Top 10 Access Points on the Device Tracker Summary view. It provides the following widgets by default.

Widget Description
Current Endpoint Connections

Shows all current endpoint connections for this access point, displaying name, the last user login, the connection duration and the SSID.

Wireless Access Point Details

Shows information about the wireless access point, showing the status of the access point (Up/Down), Access Point Name, Access Point IP Address, the access point Type (Thin/Autonomous), and the wireless Controller.


Shows all Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) associated with this wireless access point. The information is presented in a table by SSID, Channel, and the number of Current Endpoint Connections.

All Endpoint Connections

Shows all endpoint connections that occurred in the last seven days.

The information is presented in a table by Endpoint Name, Last User Login, Connection Duration (in minutes), and the name of the SSID.