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Storage Resource Monitor Getting Started Guide

If you have version 6.5 of SRM or higher, use the SolarWinds Platform installer to install or upgrade one or more SolarWinds Platform products simultaneously.

Welcome to the Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) Getting Started Guide. This guide will take you from adding your first array to full implementation of SRM, and includes the following sections:

Enable an array.
How to configure an array in your environment for SRM monitoring.
How to fine-tune warning and critical threshold levels for the devices being monitored.
Performance monitoring.
How to monitor your storage devices, and stay on top of performance issues with customized thresholds and alerts.
Capacity planning.
How to keep track of current storage usage and anticipate future storage needs.
AppStack integration.
How to use AppStack, and integrate SRM with other SolarWinds Platform products.
PerfStack integration.
How to view metrics across the SolarWinds Platform using PerfStack, and integrate SRM with other SolarWinds Platform products.

Existing customers: access your licensed software from the SolarWinds Customer Portal. If you need any implementation help, contact our Support Geeks.

Evaluators: download your free 30-day evaluation copy of SRM from the SolarWinds SRM page. If you need assistance with your evaluation, contact