Documentation forServ-U MFT & Serv-U FTP Server

Use URL parameters

Enhance the login process by using URL parameters to create special login links. By using the special login links, users can automatically send their login ID and password, start audio files immediately, and more. To specify URL parameters, use the syntax in the following example:

The following parameters are supported in Serv-U:


Allows the login ID and password to be sent automatically to Serv-U File Server, bypassing the need to log in. This can be convenient for audio or video, but should not be used for confidential or protected information.


Starts the Web Client in thumbnail mode, showing thumbnails of images.


Starts the Web Client in slideshow mode, showing a slideshow of all images.


Starts the Web Client in media mode, playing audio or video files in order.


Starts the Web Client in media mode, playing video files only.


Specifies which directory to browse to immediately after login.


Specifies a file to download immediately after login. By default, the Web Client attempts to download the file from the home directory. If the dir parameter is used with the file parameter, the Web Client attempts to download the specified file from the specified folder.

Specifies the column by which to sort the files in the Web Client. The column accepts the following integer values:

  • 1 = sort by name
  • 2 = sort by size
  • 3 = sort by time