Documentation forServer & Application Monitor
Monitoring your applications and environment is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and SAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Optimize SolarWinds server performance with Temporary Directories

The following sections provide procedures for moving Windows and SQL Server temporary directories to optimize SolarWinds server performance and resources.

Move the SQL Server temporary directory

The SQL Server temporary directory, tempdb, where temporary database objects generated during table creation and sorting are stored, is typically created in the same location on your SolarWinds Platform database server as the master, model, and msdb databases. Moving the tempdb database to a physical drive separate from your SolarWinds Platform database can significantly improve overall system performance.

Redefine Windows system temporary directories

Following established Windows standards, the SolarWinds installer may use Windows User and System TEMP and TMP variable directories as temporary scratch spaces for file expansion and execution. If you do not have the required scratch storage space available in the default User or System TEMP and TMP directories, use the following procedure to redefine your default locations.

Regardless of the directory you installed SolarWinds product, some common files may be installed where the operating system of your SolarWinds server are located.

  1. Log on to your SolarWinds server as a user with administrative rights.
  2. Locate your environment variables.
  3. Select the variable name representing the directory you want to redefine, and then provide a new path as the Variable value for the selected temporary directory variable.