Documentation forServer & Application Monitor
Monitoring your applications and environment is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and SAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Real-Time Process Explorer alerts in SAM

Three alerts are included with the Real-Time Process Explorer:

  • High CPU Percent Utilization with Top 10 Processes
    This alert sends an email when the CPU utilization is greater than 80%.
  • High Physical Memory Utilization with Top 10 Processes
    An alert is sent when physical memory usage is at or above 90%.
  • High Virtual Memory Utilization with Top 10 Processes
    An alert is sent when virtual memory usage is at or above 90%.

Use the Alert Manager to create, edit, delete, enable, or disable alerts. You can access the Alert Manager from these places:

  • Settings page (recommended): Click Settings > All Settings. Under Alerts & Reports, click Manage Alerts.
  • Active Alerts Details page: Click Manage Alerts in the Management widget.
  • Node Details view: Click Manage Alerts in the All Alerts this Object Can Trigger widget.

To learn more about alerts, see the SolarWinds Platform Administrator Guide.

Alerts may lag if monitoring hardware health via SNMP. It takes two updates to these statistics to provide an accurate calculation, so an alert can take up to four minutes to reach its recipient. To expedite this process, change the protocol to WMI, which updates every five seconds. Consider adjusting the trigger time to a value greater than two minutes.