Add text output to SAM component monitor scripts

SAM component monitor scripts can report additional details by sending text to the script’s standard output. SAM supports multiple values returned by a script using the following format:

Statistic.Name1: xMessage.Name1: abc

Statistic.Name2: yMessage.Name2: abc

Detail Type Required Meaning



A numeric value used to determine how the monitor compares to its set thresholds. This must be an integer value, (negative numbers are supported).

Statistic.Name1: 123Statistic.Name2: 456



An error or information message to be displayed in the monitor status details. Note: Multi-line messages are supported. To use this functionality, print each line using a separate command. For example:Message.Name1: abc
Message.Name2: def

There is a limit of ten Statistic and Message pairs for the script. These can be placed anywhere in the script output. The Statistic and Message names you give must contain valid letters and/or numbers.

Sample output:

# Script comment: This shows two pairs. Ten pairs are possible.
Statistic.CPU: 31.08Message.CPU: svchost.exe cpu usage
Statistic.RAM: 1234.56Message.RAM: svchost.exe ram usage