Explore SAM widgets

Most widgets (formerly called "resources") in the SAM environment are actionable. For example, drilling down to and clicking an individual node in the All Nodes widget on the Summary page takes you to the Node Details page. The Node Details page contains widgets that provide information about this node.

The following example shows the Management widget, one of many widgets available on the Node Details page.

Click Manage Nodes in the All Nodes widget to open the Manage Nodes page where you can take action on multiple nodes.

Use the All Applications widget on the Summary page to drill down to individual applications and component monitors of an application. The Application Details page provides details about the individual application and actions you can perform on that application. This allows you to manage templates and applications to node assignments, or "unmanage" (that is, stop managing) multiple applications at one time.

Click Manage Applications in the All Applications widget to open the Manage Applications page where you can troubleshoot and resolve issues on multiple applications.

Expand an application name to show all component monitors associated with that application. Click a component monitor to access the Component Monitor details page to view detailed information and perform additional actions.