Monitor with AppInsight applications

SolarWinds SAM's AppInsight applications provide a level of detail and expert knowledge far beyond what a simple template can provide. You can monitor virtually every aspect of key business tools, including Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, IIS, and SQL, by getting relevant performance information from the server level, as well as drilling down into the data store layer for performance data.

SAM offers the following AppInsight templates:

As described in Use SAM templates, application monitors, and component monitors, the difference between an assigned application monitor and a template is that the template is only a blueprint and does not perform any monitoring on its own. Only after assigning the template (in this case, one of the AppInsight templates listed above) to a server node does SAM conduct any actual monitoring on the node.

Note the following details about using AppInsight applications:

  • WMI is the preferred polling method for AppInsight polling. Some information, such as Disk I/O, is only available for nodes monitored via WMI.
  • All AppInsight templates support the Orion agent for Windows. See Monitor with Orion agents in SAM.
  • Due to the complexity of AppInsight applications, you cannot add component monitors to AppInsight templates.
  • Some component monitors within AppInsight templates have default settings that cannot be modified due to dependencies.
  • You cannot import or export AppInsight templates in the Orion Web Console.
  • For component-based SAM licenses, AppInsight applications consume licenses at flat rates. See the SAM licensing model.
  • Unlike most SAM templates, AppInsight templates are updated automatically during product upgrades.

To learn more about AppInsight applications, check out these learning resources: