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SSL Connection Error in Root Cause Analysis

If you see a SSL Connection error in the Root Cause analysis when investigating an outage our service has reported, it doesn't mean that the issue encountered was an SSL Connection error.

The SSL error you see is not what our servers got when initially checking your site, but the error the servers got when performing the root cause analysis specifically. The root cause analysis is always done after the initial requests detected the error, and the analysis is made over HTTP 1.0. This is what is causing the error. Your website most likely isn't compatible with HTTP 1.0 requests. That's why the initial requests didn't fail with an SSL error, because those are made via HTTP 1.1.

Though we are in the progress of updating the way the root cause analysis is being run (via HTTP 1.1 instead) I'm afraid that at the time being looking at the analysis when outages occur wont give you much accurate information, as the errors will always display as SSL error even though that wasn't why our servers reported an outage.

You can instead look at the test result log (icon next to the root cause analysis) to see each server request from us and what the initial error was.

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