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Pingdom Reports

In your Pingdom account, there are several types of Reports you can get for the different tools we offer. In this article, we'll briefly go over each one.

Uptime Reports

Gives you the uptime, downtime and response time data for different periods of time, lists all outages with a root cause analysis attached, gives you a response time report and a test result log that shows each and every request made from our servers and where they were made from.

The Uptime Report can be downloaded as a PDF file and the Test Result Log can be downloaded as a CSV file (10 000 lines per download, which is about 7 days of data with the default 1-minute interval).

The Response time in the reports is the time it takes for the probe servers to connect to the server you're monitoring, as well as the time it takes to download the response (like HTML and headers) and lookup DNS.

The Uptime report has data and can show it since the check it is reporting for was set up initially.

Transaction Reports

It gives you the same type of data as the Uptime Reports, just specific for the transaction check. Instead of response time, this report gives you the average execution time of the entire test on an hourly average for a 7 day period but also lists each outage detected and gives you a root cause analysis for it.

The graph is a stacked graph showing each step's execution time.

The data retention for this check is also forever which means that you can view the data as far back as you would like.

Page Speed Reports

The Page Speed Reports gives you both an overview of all tests made during a 7 day period but also allows you to delve into each separate test made during a 2 week period. Both views gives you loads of information regarding the tests, like page load time, the number of requests, performance grade (rated by Yslow) and page size, amongst other things.

The Page Speed report can show data for tests up to two weeks back in time.

Real User Monitoring Reports

The Real User Monitoring report gives you several different views that give you insight into the load time of your website as seen by your actual visitors. You can, for example, view the load time for different browsers, platforms, and geographic locations over the course of a day, week, or month.

The data retention differs is 13 months (Legacy plans have different retention depending on which plan you are on Starter, Standard: 35 days, Advanced: 95 days (3 months) Professional, Enterprise: 400 days (13 months)).

Email Report 

You can get the uptime reports sent to you daily, weekly or monthly, to any email addresses you want. You can either choose to set up email reports for all checks or a single uptime check, and these can be set up under Sharing in the account menu.

The Page Speed reports can be sent to you on a weekly basis.

Navigation Notice: When the APM Integrated Experience is enabled, Pingdom shares a common navigation and enhanced feature set with other integrated experience products. How you navigate Pingdom and access its features may vary from these instructions.