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Page Speed Check

People who have used our free Full Page Test on might recognize this tool. It's our new, improved Page Speed test which can be run automatically once every half hour!

The Page Speed Check will visit your website in a browser and download every element on your page to see how fast the site loads. The tool will then list everything that loads on your website and how fast each element loads. By everything we mean every image, script, CSS, external element, and of course the HTML. This gives you an overview over not only how fast your page loads but also what might be slowing it down. It allows you to identify any problem areas your site might have so that you can solve them and give your visitors an even better experience!

How do I set it up?

Setting up the Page Speed Check is very simple. All you need to do is go to Monitoring > Page Speed in your account, and then click on Create Check.

In the popup that then appears you only have to do the following:

  • Put in the URL of your site
  • Name the Page Speed Check (will auto-populate).
  • Select the region, it defaults to US East.

Click Confirm, and you're all set up! Now you just have wait for the first test to be run!

What does it do?

First you have the summary report here:

  See this video: Report Summary.

And then we have a video that explains the individual report in detail. Otherwise just hovering over the various question marks next to everything inside my Pingdom will give you details. In short: It tests the performance of your site and gives you actionable insights on what to improve and an comprehensive report on how your improvements are coming along!

  See this video: Individual report.

For customers on our Standard plan or higher, who have migrated to Simplified Alerting, every time you run a Page Speed check, you can see at what point each element was loaded in our waterfall graph. Now you will also get a filmstrip view of how your page loaded during the test. Each screenshot captures the elements present on the site every 500ms for the duration it took to load the complete page.

Our new Filmstrip feature will help you to discover how long it takes for critical elements to show on your page and allow you to better optimize your site for your visitors by ensuring that they do.


Can I have more than one Page Speed Check?

Yes. The page speed check is considered an "Advanced Check". The number of Advanced checks depends on the type of subscription that your organization purchased. The current subscription levels, detailing the quantity of uptime and advanced checks per level, can be found here:

Navigation Notice: When the APM Integrated Experience is enabled, Pingdom shares a common navigation and enhanced feature set with other integrated experience products. How you navigate Pingdom and access its features may vary from these instructions.