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Multiple companies


Your Papertrail email address and password can be used to manage logs from multiple unrelated entities (for example, as a consultant to multiple companies). Here's how.

How it works

You may need access to logs from more than one entity, like as a consultant or systems integrator. Papertrail can keep the logs and settings from each entity completely separate, yet you can view them without logging in again.

Setup is automatic. After you're added as a member on more than one entity's Papertrail service, the site-wide menu will include an option that looks like this:


In the above example, it's showing you that "ACME Inc Company" is the current choice. Click it to change to another one.

The entities are completely unrelated within Papertrail, and only invited user(s) can see or are even aware that the others exist. Any member can be removed at any time.

Read more in this Papertrail blog post.

Access levels

Within each entity, users can be assigned varying access levels to see groups of logs or manage the account. These permissions can be used along with multiple accounts, or in some cases (say, for groups within a company) may be a better fit on their own.