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Upgrade and synchronize licenses with stand-alone Windows License Manager

This topic applies to SolarWinds non-SolarWinds Platform products and to products with Orion Platform 2016.1 and earlier. Learn more on SolarWinds Platform licensing.

If you have changed how your product is licensed, such as by increasing the number of objects you can monitor, use the License Manager to apply the change to your products.

  1. Start the License Manager from the SolarWinds program group.
  2. Click Upgrade in the Action column next to the products for which you want to upgrade the license on this computer.
  3. Complete the Activation wizard to complete the upgrade.

Synchronize licenses to the Customer Portal

For most SolarWinds Platform products licenses, you can synchronize the data on your Customer Portal with the data in the License Manager.

Synchronizing can include:

  • Updating the maintenance end date
  • Registering the license if it was reset

Licenses are synchronized with SolarWinds Customer Portal automatically once a day. To update your licenses immediately :

  1. Start the License Manager from the SolarWinds program group.
  2. Select the product, and click Synchronize.
  3. Click Synchronize again in the Synchronize Licenses window.

Any updates in the Customer Portal are reflected in the License Manager.