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Uninstall the SolarWinds Platform deployment

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Starting with Orion Platform 2019.2, you can uninstall the entire SolarWinds Platform deployment using the SolarWinds Installer.

If you have scalability engines deployed, run the following steps on your scalability engines (additional polling engines, additional web servers, or high availability servers) first and then repeat the steps on the main polling engine.

Uninstall the entire SolarWinds Platform on a server

  1. Locate the installer file you used to install your SolarWinds Platform products on the server.

    Always use the newest file in the installers cache, such as /ProgramData/Solarwinds/Installers/

    If you don't find the installer file on an additional polling engine or web server, search for it on the main polling engine and copy the file over to the appropriate server.
  2. In the command line, run the following command:

    'path to exe'\ -uninstall

  3. Follow instructions in the console to complete the uninstallation.

The entire SolarWinds Platform on the server is removed, including all relevant registry entries and folders.