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Troubleshooting agent connections

This topic applies only to the following SolarWinds Platform products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


If your agent and your SolarWinds Platform server cannot communicate, the agent cannot respond to queries or the SolarWinds Platform server cannot receive data from the agent.

You must have access to the remote host for most troubleshooting steps.

Is the agent service running?

  • You can check the Manage Agents page for the agent status, or log in to the remote host with the agent installed to check the status.
  • If the agent is not running or has stopped, start the SolarWinds Agent service.

Are all plug-ins installed correctly?

  • Select the agent in the Manage Agents page and click More Actions > View installed agent plug-ins.
  • If there is a problem with a plug-in, ensure that all prerequisites are installed, such as python, and then reinstall the agent.

Do the communication modes match between the agent and the server?

  • On the remote host, open the Control Panel > Orion Agent Settings. The communication mode must match the communication mode in the Manage Agents page on the SolarWinds Platform server.
  • If the modes do not match, change one to match the other.

Does the server initiate communication?

  • Log in to the server host and ping the remote host.
  • Server-initiated communication requires port 17790 to be open on the remote host.

Does the agent initiate communication?

  • Log in to the remote host and ping the server.
  • Agent-initiated communication requires port 17778 to be open on the server.

Is the remote host running on a Linux distribution?

  • Ensure that Python 2, versions 2.4.3 and later, is installed. Check the python version by typing python -v in the command line.