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Troubleshoot charts

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Why do I see different types of charts in my SolarWinds Platform Web Console?

Charts in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console have been evolving, from not interactive charts (legacy), over charts that are responsive to a certain degree (classic or historical charts), to the modern charts that were designed according to the needs and suggestions of our users. See a brief history of charts in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console for more information.

In Orion Platform 2018.4, legacy charts are being deprecated and SolarWinds suggest that you switch over to modern charts.

Why can't I see percentile and trends on my modern charts?

Modern charts show percentile and trend lines only if there are more than ten data points available.

If you cannot see percentile or trend lines on your modern chart, make sure SolarWinds Platform polled the device at least 11 times.

If you are thus polling nodes with the default polling interval of 10 minutes, percentile and trends are not available until you have been polling the device for at least 110 minutes.

Why are my charts empty when exported as a pdf?

If you export a view as a pdf or have charts in a scheduled pdf report, charts in the pdf may be empty. This is due to performance issues because the chart plotting took too long.

This can happen both for modern and classic charts.

To resolve the issue, specify that charts are not plotted but included in the pdf as an image.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings, and then click Web Console Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Classic Chart Settings, and find Export Charts as an image in pdfs.
  3. Enable the setting, and click Submit.

Charts are included in exported pdfs as an image.