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SWQL filter syntax examples

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

The following sections detail how to filter in SWQL by using the most frequently requested examples.


The wildcard character in SWQL syntax is: %.

Example: NodesData.Caption Like 'AX3%'

Filter by a custom property

The data types that support custom properties are:

  • Interface
  • Node
  • Volume
  • Virtual Entity (Virtual Machine, Virtual Host, and Virtual Datastore) — VMAN, NPM, and SAM only.

Use the SWQL alias for these data types when selecting custom properties for your queries. The property syntax to filter by custom property is:


Example filter to only show nodes with the custom property City that matches Atlanta:

NodesCustomProperties.CustomProperties.City = 'Atlanta'

Filter by built-in properties

Use the SWQL alias when selecting properties for your queries.


Example filter to show data from Cisco devices:

NodesData.Vendor = 'Cisco'

Example filter to show data from Windows Server 2003-2008 applications:

Status.Application.Name = 'Windows Server 2003-2008'

Example filter to show data from devices beginning with "AX3":

NodesData.Caption Like 'AX3%'

Example filter to show data from Process Monitor – SNMP type component monitors:

Monitor.ComponentType = 8

Filtering by status

To filter by the status property, you must know the valid status levels.

Level Status
0 Unknown
1 Up
2 Down
3 Warning
14 Critical

Example filter to only show monitors that are not down: