Documentation forSolarWinds Platform

SNMP requirements for monitored devices

SolarWinds products can monitor the performance of any SNMPv1‑, SNMPv2c‑, or SNMPv3-enabled device on your network.

Consult your device documentation or a technical representative of your device manufacturer to acquire specific instructions for configuring SNMP on your device.

SNMP Requirements

  • SNMP must be enabled on all SNMP-capable devices you want to monitor.
  • Monitored devices must allow access to the SysObjectID for correct device identification.
  • Unix‑based devices should use the configuration of Net-SNMP version 5.5 or later that is specific for the used Unix-based operating system.
  • SolarWinds NPM can also monitor VMware ESX and ESXi Servers versions 4.0 and later with VMware Tools installed.
  • If you want to poll a device with SNMPv2c enabled using SNMPv1, you must disable SNMPv2c on the device.