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Current Hardware Health

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


This widget displays the latest data from temperature, memory, and CPU sensors for managed UCS blades and rack servers that appear as hyperlinks beneath each sensor type.

The status for most items will read OK, Warning, or Critical, depending upon the set threshold values and returned values. Icon colors change between green, yellow, and red, respectively. Gray icons indicate a status of Unknown, which suggests a polling failure.

This widget appears on the Node Details pages for managed UCS blades and rack servers, by default.

Available actions

  • Click the and icons to expand and collapse branches of data for a sensor. When collapsed, the top-level view (or roll-up status) of each hardware item displays the worst status of an item in that branch.
  • If you have administrator privileges, a Manage Sensors link appears on this widget. Click the link to open the Manage Hardware Health Sensors page where you can enable or disable polling for individual sensors, or edit hardware health thresholds.
  • Click the hyperlink for a blade or rack server to display a custom chart of sensor data.
  • Click Edit to change the title or subtitle of the widget. You can also change temperature units from Fahrenheit (the default) to Celsius, and control how many items appear per page.