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Node variables for Network Atlas tooltips

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced





Node SNMP port number.


Node allows 64-bit counters (1), or not (0).


Average node response time , in msec, to ICMP requests.


Day, date, and time until which node polling is blocked.


User-friendly node name.


Node community string.


Node CPU utilization rate at last poll.


Day, date, and time of last poll attempt on node.


Day, date, and time that node was last successfully polled.


Current date and time. (Windows control panel defined “Long Date” and “Long Time” format).


Node hardware and software.


Fully qualified node name.


If node supports dynamic IP address assignment via BOOTP or DHCP (1); static IP address return (0).


Internal unique identifier of the polling engine to which node is assigned.


States if node is currently designated as external.


File name of status icon for node and its interfaces.


Family name of Cisco IOS on node.


Cisco IOS version on node.


Node IP address.


Day, date and time of last node boot.


Time and date of last node database and memory synchronization.


Node manufacturer or distributor and family or version information.


Maximum node response time , in msec, to ICMP requests.


Total node memory used over polling interval.


Minimum node response time , in msec, to ICMP requests.


Day, date and time of next scheduled node polling.


Time of next node rediscovery.


Internal unique identifier of node.


Node host name. Defaults to node IP address ${IP_Address} if host name does not resolve.


States if node supports SNMP or is ICMP‑only.


ICMP packet loss percentage when node last polled.


Percentage of total node memory used over polling interval.


Node polling interval, in seconds.


Node rediscovery interval, in minutes.


Node response time, in milliseconds, to last ICMP request.


Node read/write community string; acts as security code for read/write SNMP access.


A network health score providing 1 point for an interface in a warning state, 1000 points for a down interface, and 1 million points for a down node.


States the version of SNMP used by the node


Statistics collection frequency, in minutes.


Numerical node status. For more information see Status Icons and Identifiers.


User-friendly node status


File name of node status icon.


String reply to SNMP SYS_NAME OID request.


Vendor ID of the network management subsystem in OID form. Clearly determines the type of node.


Time, in hundredths of a second, since monitoring started.


Total node memory available.


States if node is currently unmanaged.


Day, date, and time when node is set to “Unmanaged”.


Day, date, and time when node is scheduled to be managed.


Node manufacturer or distributor.


File name of node vendor logo icon.