Documentation forSolarWinds Platform

Network Atlas settings

Customize the default icon styles, map defaults, and node tree specifications.

Click the Network Atlas button > Network Atlas Settings, and customize the settings.

Connection Settings

Specify the default SolarWinds Platform server details.

Map Defaults

Specify the percentage of objects that must be up so that the map is Up.

SolarWinds recommends that the map status be set at 100%. At this setting, when any device on a map or sub-map is down, the problem status will be indicated.

Node Tree

Customize the view of the node tree located on the left pane of the Network Atlas main window.

Some users find it helpful to display the status icons of each node and interface, while others find the vendor network node and interface icons more useful. You may also specify that node names, or IP addresses be included in the display.

Graphic Styles

Change the default style types for network objects, and select a color scheme for Network Atlas itself.

Wireless heat maps settings

Select the box to show hints for creating wireless heat maps.