Documentation forSolarWinds Platform

Hardware Health Chart

This chart allows you to visualize multiple hardware statistics simultaneously. The advantage of this view is that you can easily see how your hardware objects are performing over a given period of time in relation to one another.

Tabs at the top of the chart allow you to quickly navigate between different groups of hardware, allowing you to see the performance and status of an entire group of the same hardware on a single page.

This view is hidden if hardware monitoring is disabled.

Customize the Hardware Health chart

Click Edit at the top-right of the chart to be taken to the following screen. You can customize the following user-specific aspects of the chart display:

  • Sample Interval: This is the interval of time that will be displayed on the chart.
  • Title: This will give a title to display for your chart.
  • Subtitle: This will give a subtitle to display for your chart.
  • Temperature Display: This allows you to set the temperature units. This will affect all charts that display temperature for the current user.

  • Time Period for Chart: This allows you to select the span of time the chart will display.

Click Submit to save the settings.

Clicking the chart itself opens a screen which allows you to edit settings pertaining to the Hardware Chart. Click Submit to save the settings.

The Raw Data button will deliver the chart data by downloading an Excel spreadsheet. The Chart Data button displays the data in a web page.