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Filter syntax reference and navigation

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

There are two filter syntax types: Structured Query Language (SQL) syntax and SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL) syntax. The main differences between SQL and SWQL are:

  • The SWQL wildcard character is %. The SQL wildcard character is *.
  • When using SWQL, you must look up the SWQL name and use that as a prefix instead of a SQL table name.

If the resource you are trying to filter creates its list by joining two tables together that contain properties that share the same name, you cannot filter on that property unless you attach a particular SQL table name to the beginning of the property name.


Generally, the resources that have recently been added to SolarWinds Orion use SWQL syntax, the oldest ones require SQL syntax.

Look for additional guidance at the bottom of the Edit Resource page.

Navigate to the SWQL query page

  1. On the web console, click Settings > All Settings
  2. Replace default_orion.aspx with swis.aspx.

The following screen is displayed where you can enter and execute queries.