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Specify what a Custom Object widget displays

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Custom Object resources, also called widgets in earlier SolarWinds Platform versions, can display performance data for any monitored objects.

You can graph data for multiple objects on the same chart, such as memory usage on all storage devices. The widget can include a sum of all the series.

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Edit the Title and Subtitle.
  3. Select an object type in Choose Object Type.
  4. Select objects to be displayed:
    1. Click Select Object.
    2. In the Group By field, select a grouping criterion.

      Defined custom properties are listed for all grouping types.

    3. Select objects (either a group, or expand a group and select individual child objects), and click the arrow to move the objects into the pane on the right.
    4. Click Submit.

      The selected objects will appear on the Edit Custom Object widget page, together with appropriate options.

  5. Select a Chart to include in the widget.
  6. If you want to automatically display nodes related to the current view, select the option in Select Object.
  7. To limit the number of data series in the resource, select Limit Series, and select the number of series to allow.
  8. Select whether or not you want to Show Sum in Data Series.
  9. Select the Time Period and Sample Interval.
  10. To automatically hide the widget when there is no data for it to report, select Yes for the Auto-Hide option.
  11. Click Submit.