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Custom Chart Page

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Charts in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console are easily customizable. Clicking a chart opens the Custom Chart page.

Available options may differ based on the chart.

Click Refresh at any time while you are customizing a chart to review changes that you have made.

The Custom Chart page is used to customize deprecated legacy and classic charts. SolarWinds recommends that you migrate your charts to the modern style charts.

Chart Titles

Chart Titles are displayed at the top center of a generated chart. The Chart Titles area allows you to modify the Title and Subtitles of your generated chart.

You can restore any default titles and subtitles by clearing the fields, and clicking Submit.

Time Periods

Predefined and custom time periods are available for generated charts. You may designate the time period for your chart by either of the following methods:

  • Select a predefined time period from the Adjust Time Period for Chart menu
  • Provide custom Beginning and Ending Dates/Times in the appropriate fields in the Enter Date/Time Period area.

Adjust Sample Interval

The sample interval dictates the precision of your generated chart. A single point or bar is plotted for each sample interval. If a sample interval spans multiple polls, polled data is automatically summarized and plotted as a single point or bar on the chart.

Due to limits of memory allocation, some combinations of time periods and sample intervals may require too many system resources to display, due to the large number of polled data points. As a result, charts may not display if the time period is too long or if the sample interval is too small.

Chart Size

Chart Size options configure the width and height, in pixels, of the chart. You can maintain the same width/height aspect ratio, or scale the chart in size, by entering a width in the Width field and then entering 0 for the Height.

Calculated Series

Select Show a Trend Line to display a line calculated to mark potential future results calculated from the collected historical data. This line is intended only as an approximate prediction of future data.

Select Show the 95th Percentile Line to display the line in the graph. See 95th Percentile Calculations in the SolarWinds Platform.

Data Tables

The Data Table Below Chart option, if selected, displays a table of the charted data points below the chart.

You may not be able to read individual data points if you select a small Sample Interval. Select a larger Sample Interval to make it easier to read data points.

Font Size

Font sizes for generated charts are variable. The Font Size option allows you to select a Small, Medium, or Large size font for your chart labels and text.

Font Size selections are maintained in the printable version of your chart.

Printing Options

To print your customized chart, click Printable Version in the top-right corner of the view. A printable version of the chart displays in the browser.

Display Chart Data - export options

Click Export to XLS or Export to HTML to export the data to the format. In some charts, these options are available as Raw Data and Chart Data buttons:

  • To view your chart data as Excel-compatible raw data, click Raw Data and follow the prompts to open or save the resulting file.
  • To view your chart as HTML-formatted data, click Chart Data and the data for your chart displays in a new browser window.