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Min/Max/Average of Average CPU Load

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


This widget appears on the Cloud Instance/VM Details page and provides the minimum, maximum, and average values of average CPU load collected and calculated for the cloud instance/VM.

All metric data polls from cloud service APIs. This data differs from OS metrics.

The chart displays average CPU load in a chart with an editable zoom range from hours to days to months up to a year, with a default of today and by hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours. You can select the amount of historical data to display, with a default of last full day. Data options enabled by default include showing a trend line and the 95th percentile line.

These charts define the range of transmit and receive rates over the selected sample interval. The sample interval displays as the width of each box, the minimum transmit and receive rates define the bottom edges of their respective boxes, and the maximum transmit and receive rates define the top edges. The averages for both transmit and receive rates are designated by a dot within each of their respective boxes.

Select data lines below the charts to show and hide. Hover over points in time on the chart for details data.

Export data

To export chart data to an XLS or HTML file:

  1. Click Export in the resource.
  2. Select the data to export through the chart.
  3. Select the time period through the date chart below the line graph.
  4. Select the zoom based on a time period.
  5. To change the data content, select options in the Customize Chart section and click Refresh.
  6. To export, select XML or HTML in the Display Chart Data.

Export options include:

  • Chart Titles: use variables to dynamically display a title and subtitle.
  • Default Zoom range: select a default time period per period, days, months, up to a year.
  • Time Period: select a default time period to display for the data per minutes to hours.
  • Chart Size: sets the physical size of the chart.
  • Calculated series: select to show the 95th percentile line.

Customization tips

Sample interval and time periods

  • Each sample interval is represented by a bar. Data within a selected sample interval is summarized automatically.
  • Some charts may not display due to large amounts of historical data or short sample intervals, and may decrease performance.

Display calculated lines

Add lines to the chart representing important values so that you know at first sight when the values are getting near to an important level.

Click Edit, select a line, and submit your changes. The lines will be displayed in the chart.

Percentile 95th

Select Show the 95th Percentile line to include a line marking the 95th percentile for the data collected over the indicated time period.