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Charts and graphs definitions

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Polled Data

Data retrieved from a device by polling the device, typically, this is automated and at regular intervals.

Ad-hoc Data

Data received without requiring a request. This is commonly accomplished by leaving a TCP or UDP port open and reserved for receiving data.


A graphical representation of datasets. Types of charts we use include pie charts, bar charts, area charts, and two dimensional x-y graphs.


For our purposes, a graph is a two dimensional data display comparing two data sets: a variable data set on the y-axis and an incremental dataset on the x-axis. Example: an interface utilization line graph mapping variable interface utilization on the y-axis against set time periods on the x-axis.

Absolute Data

Data that is independent of other data. Example: value returned by polling an interface out octet counter.

Relative Data

Data derived by comparing a data point to one or more other data points. Example: percent interface utilization represents the interface counter data relative to the maximum interface speed.


A web page displayed within a SolarWinds product.


A single element of a view, for example, a pie chart.