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Availability Chart

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

This widget displays a point or bar for the percent availability of the selected node or group for each sampled time period. You can specify the amount of historical data that is loaded on the chart, data sample intervals, the default time period you want to view, and calculate trend lines or the 95th percentile mark.

  • Some charts may not display due to large amounts of historical data or short sample intervals, and may decrease performance.
  • Trend lines on charts are intended as approximate predictions of future data. This is because there are many reasons that performance can decrease for the devices on your network.

Changing the zoom range on the chart changes the time period displayed in the chart. Use the slider below the chart to change the date range. For example, you can zoom the chart to display the sampled data for a 12-hour period, and then use the slider to view a 12-hour period from last week.

See Customize charts in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console for details about chart customization options and tips.