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All Nodes

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

The All Nodes widget provides a list of the nodes that are currently monitored.

The default version of this widget displayed on the EnergyWise view groups nodes into EnergyWise‑related groups, based on whether each node is EnergyWise capable and enabled.

When this widget is displaying the status of a collection of nodes, each of a potentially different status, you have the following options that are selected in the Status Rollup Mode field on the Web Console Settings view:

  • Show Worst Status displays the worst status of the selected group. For example, displaying a group as Down, using a red icon, if any nodes included within the selected group are down.
  • Mixed Status shows Warning displays the selected group in Warning status, using a yellow icon, if any nodes in the group are of any status other than Up.

For more information about Status Rollup Mode on the Web Console Settings menu, see Web Console Settings.