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All Alerts widget

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to the following products:

Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


This widget displays all currently unacknowledged, triggered alerts by default and allows you to acknowledge, mute alerts, or resume alerting inside the widget. Add this widget to your view by customizing the page.

Click the three vertical dots to the right of the alert to expand the alert menu.

Click the person icon to acknowledge the alert and add any notes. If you display acknowledged alerts, you can view any notes made by the person who acknowledged the alert.

Click the mute icon to mute the entity triggering the alert. Click it again to resume alerting.

Configure the All Alerts widget

You can customize each instance of the widget.

Severity Summary - Display a count of the total number of triggered alerts by severity at the top of the widget. Click the summary to display alerts of that severity type. If you click multiple severities, those severities are displayed. Alert severity is controlled in your alert definition.

Sort & Search - Enable to filter and search the returned list of alerts.

Empty Image - Enable to display an image when there are no alerts to display in the widget. You cannot configure the image. If this is disabled and there are no alerts to display, only the widget title bar displays.

Data Filtering - Choose which alerts are displayed in the widget.

  • All
  • Not Acknowledged Only
  • Acknowledged Only

See Use alerts to monitor your environment for more details about alerts.