NetFlow Sources

The NetFlow Sources resource provides a list of flow- and CBQoS-enabled nodes and interfaces that are currently monitored by SolarWinds NTA. For each listed device, the NetFlow Sources resource provides the following details:

  • A color-coded device status icon
  • An icon indicating the device type or manufacturer
  • For each listed source interface, both the incoming and outgoing traffic volume
  • For all listed flow-enabled devices, the date and time of the last flow packet received by the SolarWinds NTA collector
  • For all listed CBQoS-enabled devices, the date and time of the last CBQoS poll completed by the SolarWinds NTA collector

Status icon colors

Device status icons are color‑coded as indicated in the following table.

Icon Color

Device Status Indication


The selected source is either able to actively send flow data or it is currently able to provide CBQoS information.


Device status is unknown, flow data has not been received, or CBQoS information cannot be polled from the selected device. This color may be displayed for interfaces on a Down node, as it is impossible to determine interface status when the parent node is down.


The selected device is unable to actively provide flow or CBQoS data.

Troubleshoot NetFlow sources

In the NetFlow Sources resource, you can encounter various issues.

Devices not listed in the resource

If you are not seeing expected flow‑ or CBQoS-enabled devices in the NetFlow Sources resource, confirm that the following is true for your flow‑ and CBQoS-enabled devices:

  • Confirm that the automatic addition of NetFlow sources option is enabled on the NetFlow Traffic Analysis Settings view. For more information, see Enable the automatic addition of flow sources.
  • Flow‑enabled nodes and interfaces must be monitored by SolarWinds NPM before they can be recognized in as flow sources in SolarWinds NTA. For more information about adding devices for monitoring by SolarWinds NPM, see Add flow-enabled devices and interfaces to the Orion database.
  • Flow-enabled devices must be configured to send flow data to the SolarWinds NPM server on which you have installed SolarWinds NTA. For more information about configuring devices to send flows to SolarWinds NTA, see Device configuration examples for SolarWinds NTA.
  • Confirm that the SolarWinds NetFlow Service has been started in the Windows Services listing. To view a list of services, log on to your SolarWinds NTA server as an administrator, and then open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

Time stamp "never" or not up to date

If the time stamp of the last received NetFlow or CBQoS data is not as expected, click Manage Sources to confirm that flow monitoring is enabled for the appropriate device and interfaces. For more information, see NetFlow sources and CBQoS polling.

View more details about displayed objects

Clicking + next to a listed node expands the list of interfaces on the selected parent node.

Clicking a node name opens the NetFlow Node Details view for the selected node. For more information, see NetFlow Node Details View.

Clicking an interface name opens the NetFlow Interface Details view for the selected interface. For more information, see NetFlow Interface Details View.

Edit the resource

Click Manage Sources to go to the Manage NetFlow Sources page where you can select available flow sources and CBQoS-enabled devices. For more information, see NetFlow sources and CBQoS polling.

  1. Click Edit in the Resource header.
  2. Edit the Title.
  3. Select or clear Show NetFlow Sources and Show CBQoS Sources.
  4. Click Submit.