Documentation forNetwork Configuration Manager

View config transfer and script execution status

Open the Transfer Status page to see the results of the latest config transfers and script executions.

  1. Click My Dashboards > Network Configuration > Configuration Management.
  2. Click the Transfer Status tab.

The Transfer Status page lists the most recent config uploads, config downloads, and script executions performed on a node. Depending on your role, you might see only the actions that you performed (not those performed by other users). Administrators see actions performed by all users.

For each action, the Status/Details column provides the following information:

  • If the action is in progress, the column identifies the process that is currently being performed.

  • If the action completed successfully, the column displays "Complete" followed by a link.
    • For config uploads, click the link to review the commands executed during the upload.
    • For config downloads, click the link to display the downloaded config.
    • For script executions, click the link to see the script results.
  • If the action failed, the column lists the reason. For connection problems, the Suggested action column provides a Fix Connection in Device Template link. Click the link to open the Device Template wizard and correct the issue before retrying the operation.