Documentation forMobile Admin
Effective December 31, 2021, Mobile Admin has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Mobile Admin, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Add users and servers to Mobile Admin

All Mobile Admin users must have login rights to Mobile Admin Server. A Mobile Admin administrator must have local admin privileges on the server hosting Mobile Admin Server. A Mobile Admin users’ Windows permissions control the actions a Mobile Admin user can perform. To administer a server, you will need the appropriate rights for the targeted server.

Configure users so they can add or remove servers from their server list in the Mobile Admin Client. If you do not give users permission to add and remove servers from their Client server lists, each user’s server list in the Mobile Admin Client will reflect exactly what is defined for them in the Configuration Interface.

If you give a user permission to add or remove servers, the user can add any server to their server list from the Mobile Admin Client. This server will appear in the server list in the Configuration Interface. If a user with permission removes a server from the Mobile Admin Client, it is removed from the user's server list and not the Configuration Interface server list.

The server where Mobile Admin Server was installed displays in the Configuration Interface server list by default. You can remove this server from the server list if you do not want to manage it with Mobile Admin.