Documentation forMobile Admin
Effective December 31, 2021, Mobile Admin has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Mobile Admin, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Get started with Mobile Admin

It is strongly recommended that you connect to the Mobile Admin Server from your wireless device through a VPN or with HTTPS. See Configuring Network Access in the Mobile Admin Server in the Installation and Configuration Guide for more information.

This section provides information about:

  • Mobile Admin navigation on BlackBerry smartphones, iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and the Web Interface
  • Logging in and out of Mobile Admin
  • Managing server lists and bookmarks
  • Changing display options.

Specific features of the Mobile Admin interface vary depending on your device. For example, the Save button that you push after making editorial changes displays on the screen in iOS devices and the menu on BlackBerry and Android devices.

Additionally, the selection method between these devices. For example, iOS devices select a item as soon as you press it, whereas BlackBerry and Android devices require you to select it from the menu. The procedures outlined in this section apply to most devices. For details about using your wireless device, see the user documentation provided with the device.