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Legacy rule migration

Log Analyzer now supports legacy syslog and trap rule migration. Previously, LA replaced the existing legacy syslog and trap services. After installation of LA over the legacy syslog and trap services, the records remained in the database, but were not used by LA. Users could still access the read-only legacy records in the Syslog Viewer and Traps Viewer applications, but all new syslog and trap messages were stored in the dedicated LA database.

Rule migration only occurs during upgrades with existing rules in the SolarWinds database.

This feature is only available to Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.2 users.

Existing syslog and trap rules are migrated as part of the installation/upgrade process. Upon completion, a notification appears in the Web Console with a link to the Rules migration report.

The report details the status of each migrated rule as follows:

  • Success - Rule migrated successfully
  • Warning - Rule migrated without the designated actions and is disabled
  • Fail - Rule was not migrated
  • Info - Rule successfully migrated but may perform differently than expected

You can also access the report in the Web Console by navigating to Reports > All Reports > Rule migration report.

Click any rule in the Report to launch the Rule Builder for reviewing and editing the rule.

Migration results may vary based on the configuration of migrated rules. For example:

Input legacy rule Migration result
If the rule contains a misconfigured action which is supported by migration... the action is not added to final rule and the rule is disabled.
If the rule contains an action which is not yet supported by migration... the rule is created without that action and the rule is disabled.
If the rule contains a condition that is not supported... the rule is not migrated.