Documentation forIpMonitor

Recovery Parameters

Use recovery parameters to take corrective action to automatically restore a failed resource using:

  • External Process Recovery alert
  • Reboot Server Recovery alert
  • Restart Service Recovery alert

Although recovery alerts are responsible for executing the corrective procedure, you must define the recovery parameters in the monitor that triggers the alert. Maximum recovery coverage is possible because a one-to-one relationship exists between each monitor and the resource it is testing. Additionally, a single recovery alert can service many individual monitors because recovery parameters are passed to the recovery alert by the monitor.

In the FQDN/NetBIOS/IP Address field, enter the fully qualified domain name, NetBIOS name, or IP address of the computer that will be rebooted by the Reboot Server alert, or the computer hosting the Windows service that will be restarted.

The Reboot Server and Restart Service alerts require this field.

Use the Credential for Recovery parameter to enable a specific credential to be used when executing Recovery alerts that require access to restricted resources such as Windows Services.

Click New Credential to start the New Credential wizard.

The Reboot Server alert, Restart Service alert, and External Process alert require you to select a credential. If a credential is not assigned, ipMonitor uses the Microsoft Windows account assigned to the ipMonitor service. In this scenario, your results depend on the level of access the ipMonitor service account has to resources through the network.

Use the Windows NT Services parameter to define the list of Windows Services to restart.

If a service has dependencies, you must select ALL dependent services. The Restart Service alert requires this parameter.