Documentation forIpMonitor
Effective December 31, 2024, IpMonitor will reach its end of life and will no longer be available or supported. If you liked IpMonitor, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Pre-flight installation checklist

Before installing, complete the pre-installation checklist below. This checklist helps you:

  • Verify that system requirements are met, all required software is installed, and required roles and features are enabled.
  • Gather the information required to complete the installation.
Review release notes

Review the ipMonitor Release Notes.

Review system requirements

Make sure your environment conforms to all hardware and software requirements.

Gather credentials

Make sure you have all account credentials, your SolarWinds account, and local admin server credentials.

Use the Local Administrator account for the installation.

The Local Administrator account is not the same as a domain account with local admin rights. A domain account is subject to your domain group policies.

To download SolarWinds products and licenses, you need a SolarWinds Customer Portal account. To create your SolarWinds account, see Access the Customer Portal.

Install all Microsoft updates Make sure the host server is updated with the latest Microsoft updates.
Open ports according to requirements Open the ports according to the server port requirements listed in the system requirements. SolarWinds uses these ports to send and receive data.

Create a standard access account (if required)

If you are new to SolarWinds, create a standard access account on the Customer Portal.

  1. Locate the SolarWinds Customer ID (SWID) you received in your purchase confirmation email.
  2. Open a Web browser and log in to the Customer Portal.
  3. Enter your SWID (customer ID) and password, and then click Log In.
  4. Review the information on your screen, and click Continue.
  5. Complete the fields on the page to create your individual user account (IUA).
  6. Click Create Individual Profile.
  7. Access your email account and follow the directions in the email to verify your account.
  8. Click Continue to Customer Portal.
  9. Log out of the Customer Portal.
  10. In the Login and Password fields, enter the email address and password you entered in your individual profile, and then click Log In.

    The Email Confirmation Screen displays, and an email is sent to the address you provided.

    If you are the administrator for your account, you can access the company profile settings screen and view users who have access to the Customer Portal for your company. You can add users, assign roles, and contact types and review other information related to your account.

Schedule the installation Set up the maintenance window, preferably during off-peak hours.
Prepare the product license

Review the current product license and determine if you need to make any changes. You can download updated license keys through the Customer Portal.

If you need to modify your licenses, contact your SolarWinds account manager or SolarWinds Customer Sales.