Documentation forIpMonitor

Generate a self-signed certificate

This section describes how to generate a self-signed certificate, which represents the easiest installation method at no cost. After you generate the certificate, configure ipMonitor to listen for HTTPS traffic.

To install an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA), see Install an SSL certificate.

  1. Click Start > SolarWinds ipMonitor Configure ipMonitor.
  2. In the ipMonitor Configuration Program, click Communications: SSL.

  3. Click the SSL Certificate Mode drop-down menu and select Self-Signed Certificate.

  4. Click Create New Self-Signed Certificate.
  5. Enter the fully qualified domain name of your ipMonitor server into the Common Name text box.

  6. Click Create.

    The certificate is created in the Local Machine certificate store and information regarding the newly generated self-signed certificate is displayed.

  7. Click OK to accept the certificate.

    If you do not accept the certificate, it is added to the store but is not assigned to ipMonitor.