Documentation forIpMonitor
Effective December 31, 2024, IpMonitor will reach its end of life and will no longer be available or supported. If you liked IpMonitor, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

External Process

The External Process alert runs a third-party executable program or script with any required parameters. If you do not define an alerting credential, the alert uses the current Windows account assigned to the ipMonitor service.

The External Process alert allows you to set the environmental variable names and values that may be read by the executable when started. You can use a credential to transmit account and password information and pass alert tokens on the command line to control the execution of the executable file, batch file, or script. You must have administrator privileges to configure the alert.

Use the External Process alert to:

  • Restart failed applications
  • Perform diagnostics
  • Back up files
  • Run scripts
  • Pass failure and recovery messages on the command line to the executable file, batch file, or script